Chair's Message


There are many things that make Odlum Brown Limited an exceptional place to work and do business with. Our independence means we are free from common conflicts of interest. Being employee-owned contributes to a thriving corporate culture. Our commitment to giving back to our communities is widely recognized, and is one of our core values.

However, what truly sets us apart is our singular focus on putting our clients first, a purpose that unites our team members day in and day out. Our investment portfolios are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each investor. All of our administrative activities are performed in our offices, by our team members, for our clients. Six business locations allow us to serve individuals, families and organizations across BC, and nationally.

In my 30-plus years at Odlum Brown, I have had the privilege of building relationships with numerous clients, applying our disciplined investment approach to help them grow and preserve their wealth. The trust between Odlum Brown and our clients is the bedrock of our firm.

I assumed the role of Chair in 2021, amid a unique moment in history – of which Odlum Brown has seen many since our founding in 1923. With nearly 100 years in business, we are fortunate to have the experience to guide our clients through whatever challenges come our way. I look forward to partnering with other Odlum Brown leaders to ensure our continued success into our 100th anniversary year and beyond.

Andy Eisenbock