Peter Chambers CIM®, CIWM, FCSI®
Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor
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I believe in disciplined, well-informed, common sense investing.

Wealth Management

I consider myself a wealth manager first and foremost. My primary goal is to protect and grow my clients’ wealth. I advise on asset allocation, investment selection, and investment strategies. Risk management through insurance, retirement planning and estate planning, such as trust strategies, are available exclusively to clients through our wholly owned subsidiary, Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited. My clients range from individuals and businesses, to family trusts. Investment portfolios are designed according to each client’s unique financial situation. They continue to be reviewed, reassessed and rebalanced as the economic environment and my clients' financial situations evolve.

Independent and Unbiased

I leverage both in-house and third party research and continuously strive for an independent market perspective. Odlum Brown is unique among investment firms in its steadfast position of not underwriting new equity issues or trading for its own accord. The significance of this cannot be overstated. With Odlum Brown, I am never under pressure to recommend a stock to my clients because the firm has underwritten it and is holding it in inventory. The firm has established an environment where I can offer completely objective and unbiased advice to my clients. To me, that is one of the most compelling advantages offered by Odlum Brown.

Equities Investment Philosophy

With my equity selections, I target high-quality, well-managed, profitable companies. I focus on the intrinsic value of a business and consider myself a business owner, as opposed to a stock trader. Valuations are paramount, and I spend a great deal of time scrutinizing the various financial metrics of a business to determine what I believe to be a fair share price. From there, I look for the business’s potential to grow. Simply put, a company that is able to increase its earnings in the months and years ahead, should become more valuable. This value will be reflected in its share price over time. Dividend-paying companies are favoured during periods of slow corporate earnings growth. Dividends can also provide more share price stability than non-dividend paying companies when equity markets are in decline.

There are many other variables that I monitor in the selection process such as interest rate trends, commodity prices, central bank actions, economic conditions, and supply and demand variants, to name a few.

Income Investment Philosophy

The bond portion of client portfolios is designed to protect capital and reduce the portfolio’s overall volatility, while earning as much interest income as possible. Subject to economic conditions, I will incorporate a full range of income products from government savings bonds and GIC’s, to corporate bonds and debentures. Risk is mitigated by diversifying between companies and bond maturity dates.  For corporate bond selections, I focus on stable, highly profitable companies in defensive industries like electric utilities, corporate real estate, or health care.

Absolute Integrity

I strive to set and maintain the highest standards of integrity and judgment for myself, and endeavour to earn the trust and confidence of my clients. I am committed to providing conscientious and candid advice. My clients are my priority, and I believe that the success and prosperity of my clients will lead to my own success.

Educated and Well-informed

Canadian Securities Institute Designations:

  • Chartered Investment Manager, CIM®
  • Certified International Wealth Manager, CIWM
  • Fellow of the CSI, FCSI®

Canadian Securities Institute Certifications:

  • Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice
  • Certificate in Retirement Strategy
  • Certificate in Estate Planning and Trust Strategy