Price Montague CIM
Portfolio Manager
Phone: (604) 844-5302
Toll-free: (888) 886-3586
Fax: (604) 681-8310
Email: [email protected]
Wes Wan
Phone: (604) 844-5606
Email: [email protected]

Investment Style/Philosophy

With over a decade in the financial services industry, Price has been involved in one of the best Bull markets and one of the worst Bear markets in history. This experience has confirmed his belief that chasing the latest hot tip or investment fad rarely works. Instead, his focus is on long-term investments in strong companies with real earnings. With his client’s individual risk tolerances in mind Price builds balanced portfolios with an emphasis on dividends and distributions.

Commitment to Client Relationships

Price believes it is essential to have a strong relationship with his clients based on trust and mutual respect. He earns these relationships by being easily accessible and encouraging an understanding of investing through open discussion and timely research. Price’s focus on blue chip companies ensures that his clients do not take undue risks in pursuing their financial goals. The funds that his clients entrust him with, whether they are the seed capital for a grandchild’s education plan or assets that have been carefully set aside to fund retirement dreams, are his clients' fortunes and Price treats them with the care and respect they deserve.


Born and raised in Toronto, Price moved to Vancouver to complete his studies and pursue his passion for the outdoors. He has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hike, ski, sail and kayak throughout the Province. Price believes strongly in giving back to the community and is an active volunteer with several organizations including The Loving Spoonful and Canuck’s Place Children’s Hospice.


If you would like to explore the possibility of working together to achieve your financial goals, or would like more information on Odlum Brown, please contact Price directly at (604) 844-5302 or via e-mail at [email protected].