Alan Wright
Portfolio Manager
Phone: (250) 861 8172
Toll-free: (800) 788 5677
Fax: (250) 861 7766
Email: [email protected]

Professional Background

Alan has over 18 years of financial market experience, with expertise in oil and natural gas trading. In his previous roles at major investment banks in Calgary and New York, Alan was an advisor to corporate clients such as oil and gas producers, industrial end users, utilities and hedge funds, managing their exposure to oil and gas price movement.

Investment Approach

Having learned that there are no rewards without risk, Alan seeks to optimize the risk/reward balance for his clients at Odlum Brown. Risk reduction can be achieved through diversification of holdings, disciplined adherence to stop-loss limits, and protective options strategies. In search of rewards, Alan confers with Odlum Brown's team of fundamental research analysts in identifying quality companies at good value. He then applies technical analysis to fine-tune his advice to clients for their investment decisions.

In addition to the full range of equity and fixed income products, Alan is qualified to trade options products for clients for whom such products are suitable.


Alan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors Business Administration) from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.